Heart pounding sound

Patient: Hello,i am a 25 years old male.i was obese 1 year ago.i started doing exercises and loss significant amount of fat.i am doing HIIT (high intense interval traing) from last two months.i am sober from last 1 year and only occasionally i smoke.while doing my HIIT workout i can hear sounds of my heart beating and i use to take a nap after my workout.but when i wake up my heart beat very fast even i can hear the sound of my heart.it’s not dream or stress related i think.i have no serious medical issue in past.are this things normal?or am i having some serious problem?

Symptoms: Little cough,very slight weakness.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.The heart sounds that you are feeling during the workout are called as Palpitations.This is absolutely normal.Everyone has increase in heart rate on exercising but a few people even feel them.If this occurs even during rest then this requires evaluation otherwise this is considered normal.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.