Heat Hives and troubling sweating

Patient: I recently moved to the US from jamaica to Texas. when i got here it was summer and i was fine i sweat just as i normally would in jamaica and i could easily bear the heat. but ever since november when the temperature started to go down i would realise that my body did not want to sweat and when i would get hot it started as just a slight prickly sting on my wrists, eventually it moved to my lower back and buttoks. until one day in december it was full on unbearable!! and affected my entire body from my neck down, my skin would sting uncontrollable and i would break out into hives. at first i thought it was the fact that my skin just was not used to winter and my pores closed up but now it is mid summer and if i go outside in the heat i immediately break out into hives and have my skin sting so bad sometimes i cannot move. i really would like to find a way to stop this, i am a very active person and this is hindering me from alot of things because i am a football player and i cannot even work out.

Symptoms: Painful Itchy & Stinging Hives

Doctor: You could be suffering from a dry skin condition (Xerodermatitis) in winters, leading to skin cracking, irritation and r ashes. This cracking of skin exposes the undersurface to various environmental allergens and thus, sensitizes the body towards some of them. A more severe reaction (like hives) is observed when the body comes in contact with these allergen(s) subsequently (in summers or winters). In addition, skin damage may worsen in summers due to photosensitivity. You are advised to use a moisturizer during winters and an effective sunscreen lotion during summers to avoid further skin damage. An anti-histaminic medication with corticosteroid ointment for local application may further help you resolve your lesions. Consult a Dermatologist for an opinion regarding same.