Heavy bleeding a week after medical abortion with back pain

Patient: Hi, I had a medical abortion a week ago. Last Monday, a week and a day ago, I took the first pill in the doctors office and the next day, Tuesday inserted the other 4 vaginally. I had bad cramps for a few hours and big clots, but not much bleeding. Since then the bleeding has gotten worse, but today it was much heavier. In a 50 minute span I went through a full pad, and it went through my pants and underwear as well. I also am experiencing bad lower back pains.Is this normal or should I be concerned?

Doctor: I do understand your concern about bleeding after medical termination of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is common and typic ally heavier than a period, but not usually excessive. Usually bleeding may last anywhere from 8 to 17 days, but in some may even continue till 60 days. Medical abortion is effective in upto 90-98% of the cases. However, there is a small chance that surgical abortion may be needed in-case of failure of medical termination of pregnancy. I would advise that you see your doctor. You may require an ultrasound to rule out retained products of conception as the cause of bleeding.