Heavy bleeding during back to back pills

Patient: Wanted to skip a period so took two contraceptive pill packets back to back. Missed my pill on the 25th December which was around the 7th pill in the second pack and started bleeding on the 26th and haven’t taken a pill since as I thought I should just let the period happen. The bleeding is staying heavier for longer though. Will the bleeding stop within a few days like a normal period?

Symptoms: Heavy bleeding

Doctor: Hello,This is a typical withdrawal bleeding that you are experiencing after missing the pill. Please stop the pack an d follow barrier contraception for this whole month. The heavy bleeding can be reduced by opting for anti-fibrinolytics like Tranexamic acid thrice a day for 5 days, which is available on prescription. This would help reduce the blood loss and even stop it. Start the ext pack from next cycle.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards