Heavy blood discharge after period

Patient: I am a 18 year old female. My last period ended on January 30. I took a plan B pill on February 2. It is now February 8, and I woke up to really heavy blood discharge. I immediately went to the restroom and blood just kept coming out. I have been in bed rest all day but the blood continues to come out. I have taken a plan B pill before and never had these side effects.

Symptoms: Heavy vaginal blood discharge

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It seems like you have had a sudden intolerance to the hormone of plan B and hence develo ped a heavy bleeding. Since it is restricting you to bed , it is very important that you immediately see a doctor and get it stopped with medications as losing so much blood over a short time can be dangerous. Avoid plan B from next time and opt for regular birth control and alternate methods like condoms .Hope this helped.Regards