Heavy Nosebleeds with More

Patient: I have the flu and am taking Mucinex DM 12 hour and Aleve for the last 2 days. Yesterday my nose bled from both nostrils for several minutes in the morning and again in the middle of the night. It just happened again today, but it would bleed heavily and then slow down until I removed the tissue. When I take the tissue from my nostrils, this really thick stuff would come out, then my nose would bleed again. I though the bloody things were snot, but when I touched it it was firm. Anyway, I got frustrated and blew my nose while it was bleeding because it felt like there was something stuck in my nasal passage. When I inhaled through my nostril, I felt there was mucous at the top of my throat. I gagged and this big glob of tough, bloody stuff came out with some clear snot connected to it. What was that bloody thing? And what are those long, firm bloody things clogging my nose when it stops bleeding?

Symptoms: Persistent cough, sneezing, sinus pressure, watery eyes, achy joints, severe chills, high and persistent fever, headache