Height Issue in a 18 years old young man

Patient: HiI just want to ask a simple questionActually now am 18!I began shaving 2 years beforeAnd my height is 5ft 6 inches.IT has been stopped for nearly 2 years!SO just i wanna ask is that can I grow if Itry to do some hangings and chin ups etc

Doctor: There are many factors of short stature as: parents height (familial short stature), timing of the puberty because with the sexual hormones the epiphysial fusion occurs early, resulting in premature slowing of growth velocity, usually resulting in a short adult height. In your particular case, your epiphysis have closed already, (you stated that you began shaving 2 years ago, this is a indicator of puberty), reducing your potential for an additional growth in stature.Of course you can practice the exercises that you mentioned but it is not likely that you are going to have an additional growth at this time.