Hello , about 2 months ago I smoked marijauna. I had terrible reaction.

Patient: Hello , about 2 months ago I smoked marijauna. I had a terrible reaction. I couldn’t stop shaking, I was seeing things , I couldnt control my body. I was shaking and my arms and legs where every where. I couldnt control it. I also couldn’t speak fluent sentences in my head I could but outloud I was speaking jibberish. The syptoms lasted for about 2 days. Come to find out it was laced with cocaine. Being that 2 months passed I thought it would go away but that wasn’t the case. Now when I try to sleep everything scares me. Anything I hear (talking, someone calling my name, a person tapping me etc) while trying to sleep immediately sends me into a panic. I jump out of my sleep looking around confused and terrified. I panic and breathe heavy and I see things. Other times when I am trying to sleep or close my eyes I see scary things and I begin to panic and can’t open my eyes. Evenually they open but it takes me a few seconds to calm down. I don’t know what is wrong but this happens usually everytime I try to go to sleep I need answers please help.Thankyou.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.What you are experiencing are probably flashback s. These mimic the experiences that you had while you took marijuana. These are common and generally stay for 1-2 months and then the intensity comes down. It may occur occasionally in future as well. Now nothing much can be done as it has a natural remission. If the thing is troubling you a lot then a short course of hypnotics can help you in reducing your symptoms. In such cases, I generally prescribe 2mg of lorazepam for 2-4 weeks.Hope I am able to answer your concerns. Do meet your doctor and get the medicines prescribed.Wish you good health!