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Hello, about 6 years ago my father died of esophageal

Patient: Hello, about 6 years ago my father died of esophageal cancer, since my older brother and sister have both been diagnosed with barrets esophagus. About a year ago i started having indegesstion because of my fathers history i made an appointment with G.I. specialist from there we scheduled an endoscopy procedure, he suspected i had barretts as well. The morning of the procedure i was sick so the endoscopy was canceled, this was last october, i just rescheduled the endoscopy for the first available july 14th. I know it was foolish for me to wait so long to re schedule. my indegesstion is gettin worse and today for the first time when i was eating and swallowed i could feel the food travel down my chest through my esphogas, it wasnt painful or hard to swallow i could just feel it go down as i swallowed , i later drank a soda and felt the same effect not painful or difficult to swallow but i could feel travel down to my stomach. And now i am feeling indegesstion, the new sympton i have experienced today, feeling food drink in my esphogas as i swallow, could this be a sign of cancer? I am worried i may have esphogeal cancer like my father, the symptons i described, do they point too esphogeal cance?



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Doctor: Hi.I can understand the plight you and the family must be going through after the sad demise of your Father due to can cer of the esophagus.Your symptoms of the food and liquid feeling through the esophagus are not the symptom of cancer.Cancer is always painless and does not give any sensation in most of the patients.So get the appointment and get Endoscopy done, CT scan of the chest if you want and be assured.I was just wondering why would you be taking Lexapro and Bactrim.Bactrim too can give hyperacidity and such symptoms.I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to ask for any relevant queries if you have or if you feel that there is a gap-of-communication.

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Patient: Thank you, for your response, i am taking lexapro for anxiety and depression and the bactrim for acne..i was worried about the feeling when i swallowed because when my father was diagnosed with cancer it was found because he has difficulty swallowing and pain in his lower chest, and i was worried the feeling i get when i swallow is the starting symptons of what he had.. is it possible my esphogas could be irritated from indegesstion? What could cause the slight discomfort when i swallow? Its not every time but sometimes, could that be indegesstion as well?

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback. This is what I wanted to say indirectly. It is the anxiety/depression that too plays a very big role in phobia and /or causation of many problems.
Let us wait for the upper GI endoscopy reports as the medical field runs on facts and actual, Let us not increase the anxiety and depression unnecessarily.
I hope you would agree with me.
Acne at your age are rare and Bactrim can also cause similar symptoms as you have.
Please discuss with the Doctor who has prescribed this.
Indigestion does not cause any problems in the esophagus directly, the slight discomfort on swallowing can be just esophagitis.


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