Hello, about two days ago I had eaten some bad

Patient: Hello, about two days ago I had eaten some bad food, and had gotten food poisoning and went to the emergency room. When I first arrived I was having difficulties breathing, due to the severe pain I was in, due to back , chest, and abdomen pain because of the vomiting . As I know nausea is normal at this time, I am slightly worried about the pain. I am able to breathe in short shallow breaths but when I breathe any deeper it hurts from my neck to my lower abdomen. I was wondering, maybe could I have strained a muscle in my neck, ribs, and abdomen (the areas I am having a sharp stabbing pain) from the violent vomiting, dry heaving, and hyperventilating.?

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.The causes of pains as you explained can be due to the followin g reasons in your case:- The muscle spasms caused by violent vomiting, heaving and hyperventilating.-Can be due to toxemia caused by food poisoning.-Dehydration adding to the problems.Breathing problems again can have the same reasons.I hope you are already in the ER or the hospital receiving the proper treatment.