Hello! Can you comment my blood test It makes

Patient: Hello! Can you comment my blood test . It makes me worry that limphocytes are low and neutrophils are high :Hb 14.1g/dLP.C.V. 42%R.B.C. 4.45 x 10^6 /uLM.C.V. 94 fLM.C.H. 32 pg/cellM.C.H.C. 34 g Hb/dLR.D.W. 14.10 %LEUCOCYTES 9.0 x 10^3uLNEUTROPHILS 83LYMPHOCYTES 15MONOCYTES 1EOZINOPHILS 1PLATELETS 238 x 10^3uLM.P.V. 10.80 %P.C.T. 0.25%BLOOD FILM Normochromic Normocytic red blood cells, Leucocytes & platelets appear normal .Thank you,

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your question on “Ask The Doctor”.Your blood picture shows high neutrophil count, suggestive of acute infection in the body. Neutrophils are white blood cells that fight against harmful bacteria. Increase in its count means infection has set up.Infection could be respiratory, urinary or abdominal.Please see your Doctor.The Doctor will take your history, carry out a physical examination and may suggest some investigations like routine blood tests and urine test to arrive at diagnosis.The Doctor may discuss a treatment plan with you.Wish you good health!