Hello can you please help me long story short i

Patient: Hello can you please help me long story short i was always at the weight of 160pounds but last year of 2014 i chose to lose some weight and tone up. Im at 150pounds the problem is my stomach sticks out like im pregnant i lost weight every where else plus im lactose intolerant and i dont know what could i be . I use to fast to get a flatter stomach but now i fast my stomach is still big i dont know if its bad bloating or what? Please help im tired of people asking me am i pregnant.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.There are 5 causes of having a swollen abdomen. They all conveniently start with an F an d thus are easy to remember:FatFetusFlatusFecesFluidThese are possible causes and based on your history I feel it is flatus but I need more information. Please either rewrite the whole disease with a detailed description or see a Doctor.Hope this helps you. All the best.