Hello doc, I’m gay and I’m in r ealationship

Patient: Hello doc, I’m gay and I’m in r ealationship with a person from a long time. Few days back we had sex (anal, not using any protection).. we both are pure and we hadn’t have sex with anyone before.. my question is, if we have anal sex then do we Cacth any disease (hiv)???

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Sexual intercourse, be it vaginal or anal without protection carries a risk of transmissi on of infection. Anal sex is not safe and has its own complications. One must avoid it as much as possible. Since you are sure that you and your partner do not have any infection or have not been exposed to anyone else before, then there is very less chance of getting an infection like HIV. It is always better to test for the same routinely as you never know what the possibilities could be and how true the other person is to you.Use a protection always to prevent any infection of the like.Hope this helped.Regards.