Hello doctor,

Patient: Hello doctor,I am 20 and I am placing my concern directly. On the first day, while making out with my partner, there was tremendous pain while insertion and it bled a little. But, everything went on smoothly after that. On the second day, the pain was not as intense but there was excessive bleeding before the insertion or rather when he was about to insert. The bleeding stopped after a short while. The next month, my periods came five days earlier and the flow was lesser than usual and light. I am very anxious about this. Please give some advice. Thank you…

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your concerns:To recapitulate:20 / Female Has tremendous pain and mild bleeding on day one of the intercourse. This pain is due to rupture of the hymen and settles quite fast.On the second day the bleeding is more as the torn hymen was in the healing phase and it was disturbed.The nest month you had alteration in the menstrual flow and color: well, this is not anything which is abnormal. With the ultimate changes in your life for the first time, the menstruation may show some changes and do not worry about it.It this lightly and enjoy life.I hope this answers all your queries.