October 15, 2018

Hello Doctor, For three continuous years i was a

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Patient: Hello Doctor,For three continuous years i was a heavy alcoholic, i use to drink daily. Aware of liver damage and Cirrhosis now for the past two months i have completely stopped drinking. It was difficult at first but now i getting use to this new life without alcohol. Within a week of stopping alcohol i had itching sensation all my body, couldn’t figure out i thought it might be a bath soap allergy and changed soap but it didn’t help. For almost one and a half month I had the same symptoms. Last week I consulted my family doctor and he prescribed me with complete blood test which included Thyroid Function Test, LFT.TSH – NormalUrea – 5.1 mmol/LCreatinine – 76umol/LeGFR >90 mL/min+ Uric acid – 0.57 mmol/LTotal Bilirubin – 15 umol/LAlk. Phos. – 80 U/L+ Gamma G.T – 85 U/L++ALT – 91 U/L+ AST – 52 U/LCholestrol – 4.5 mmol/LTriglycerides – 2.6 mmol/LWhy are ALT, AST, Gamma G.T. high even after I had quit alcohol 2months ago.Am I having severe liver damage, anything alarming. Pls. kindly reply.Thank you in advance

Symptoms: Currently I do not have any symptoms except mild itching through out my body.



Doctor: Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.comThe liver damage in the body has increased the amount of bilirubin in the body which causes itching throughout the body. Please see a Doctor and get the bilirubin levels tested. You can only treat this with time and as the bilirubin level goes down, the itching will get better. Wishing you a speedy recovery.Hope this helps you.

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