Hello doctor how r u ?

Patient: Hello, this is Farhad (27yrs), Recently (12/01/2015) my wife(23Yrs) terminate a hydrocephalus baby (6 Month age) on doctors advice , Now she fells more good. she also terminate mentally and want to concept again. plz would u like to say what time is prefer for about concept again ? have we want to do ?

Symptoms: My wife feels so good after terminating the paddy, now she is in rest and sometime she feel pain in ureter.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the querySince your wife has had a recent termination, it is better to give a gap of 3 months for h er to recover completely, after three months you can start planning pregnancy. consult a gynecologist before planning, the doctor will start you on folic acid supplements pre-conceptional before one month of planning to conceive and continue it through 3 months.It will prevent chances of recurrence of neural tube defects and prevent anomalies to a great extent.The pain in the area will come down in a week, it could be most likely due to the procedure of termination.In case it worsens ask her to see her gynecologist for an examination.Meanwhile, she has to continue taking a nutritious diet and drink lots of water.Hope this helpedRegards