Hello doctor I am 22yrs oldhaving regular cycle of 28-30

Patient: Hello doctor I am 22yrs old..having regular cycle of 28-30 days..i had my periods on 7th May and had unprotected sex on 10 th day of my period that is on 16th May wid my fiance..i took ipill withing 6 hours..but on 31st May i.e on 15day i had a brown discharge and than slight uneven bleeding without clots lasted till 5th june with abdominal cramps, feeling weak, tired,feverish since 31st ..what are the chances of pregnancy ? m i pregnant ? Why m having health issues..?..if m nt pregnant what is the expected date of my next period..thank you

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Ipill has the side effect of causing damage to the uterus and necrosis or brown discharg e. This is normal. But I recommend that you take a preg test to confirm pregnancy. If positive, see a Doctor. In the future, please use regular contraception or condoms to help you. All the best.Hope this helps you.