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Patient: Hello doctorI am a 25 year age girl. I have normal daily routine . I am an architect by profession and follow office life . I am happy with my professional life . But since few months i am having swealling in my body . I went for thyroid checkup and it was normal . Genrally my arms face and legs are sweal . Even one can see impresion of my head hairs on my arms . I get stressed easily and it continue for long times. Sometime i feel so depressed that i start crying or felt like suicide . Sometime my heart beat goes faster , randomly . I feel lazy often. I introduce green tea and half hour walking in my schedule but it doesn’t help any . Also i have gain weight in past few months . Currently my weight is 62 kg and my height is 165 cm or 5 feet 4 inch . I have a normal build .Also does sex has any relation to this . We have once in a month and after that i used to have ipill . So sometime my periods are not regular or chain get broken .

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.No, sex has no relation with the swelling on the body. However, yes intake of medicines like i-pill can have. These are form of steroids so can cause swelling over the body.We should do workup to rule out other causes of generalized swelling, if your thyroid is normal. Most common causes being Hypothyroidism , Proteinuria due to kidney dysfunction, Drugs like Amlodipine causing swelling over feet, Anemia, Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency.I would advise you following investigations:1. Hemogram2. Kidney function tests3. Urine for Microalbumin4. Thyroid profile.5. ECG.6. Serum Calcium and Vitamin D levels.You will be treated according to the issue found.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.

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