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Hello Doctor I did a marriage test so it shows in

Patient: Hello DoctorI did a marriage test so it shows in the results that i have thalassemia minor as a carrier.But my fiancee had the results but the results were a little bit not obvious if she have iron deficiency or thalassemia minor as a carrier.i will mention the results in details :*Hb ELECTROPHORESIS:-Hb A1: 96.4%-Hb A2: 3.59%^^Clinical Chemistry^^-Ferritin,Serum: 5.64 ng/ml*Iron and Iron Binding Capacity,Serum-Iron,Serum:28 ug/dl-TIBC:429 ug/dl*Vitamin B12,Serum:216.9 pg/ml*Folate,Serum:8.41 ng/ml^^Hematology^^*CBCD,Whole blood- WBC Count: 6.7- RBC Count: 4.85- Hemoglobin: 10.8- Hematocrit: 33.3-M.C.V: 68.7-MCH: 22.3-MCHC: 32.5-RDW: 14.3-Platelets Count: 427-MPV: 8.7-Neutrophils,Segm: 67.2%-Lymphocytes:27.2%-Monocytes: 4.3%-Eosinophils: 0.7%-Basophils: 0.6%*Blood Film Inspection,Whole bloodMicrocytosis(3+)hypochromia(1+)anisopoikylocytosis (1+)*Reticulocytes Count, Whole blood: 1.5%



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of you having Thalasamia minor as a carrier.You have posted the results of your fiancee. I have seen all the reports.Electrophoresis was done and Hb A2 = 3.59% – this is marginally raised.The low iron and ferritin levels along with*Blood Film Inspection,Whole bloodMicrocytosis(3+) , hypochromia(1+), anisopoikylocytosis (1+) indicate iron deficiency anemia.Hence the picture is more towards iron deficiency anemia than Thalassamia.You may please Ask the lab to go for the detailed studies about detecting Thalassamia and consult a Hematologist to get the confirmed diagnosis as both of you need a counselling by the Hematologist.I hope this answers your query.Please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.



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Patient: Actually I went to a doctor so he gave her iron supplements for two weeks to see the differences after .so the results will appear on Saturday. Shall I send you the results is it possible to communicate after.

Doctor: Yes, you may please continue this communication as one more follow is available with this query.
Please try to post the original reports attached to this query and you may also send the reports by email to
[email protected]

Patient: Hello Doctor
Actually I got the results and I upload them .please if you can see them .and please tell me if she have thalassemia minor as a carrier or iron deficiency anemia.

Doctor: Thanks for your report.
It shows Hb S and Hb F 0, hence not likely to be thalasamia minor.
Looks to be Iron deficiency anemia.


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