Hello Doctor, I found this online consultation online and n

Patient: Hello Doctor,I found this online consultation online and not know how much I appreciate your response and I am very worried.In January I had a torn frenulum of the penis while I practiced oral sex (HAD ONLY ORAL SEX RECEPTIVE) but I did not realize and I let it go. Two or three days later I had a small infection since I did not went to the doctor until I did not realize this break. I performed the examinations of sexually transmitted diseases, and go several times to the doctor and go to two or three visits to dermatology. All tests were negative and after two inspections by the dermatologist I was discharged because, according to her had nothing.A few days ago I visualized on the foreskin a small white spot under the skin and I scratched and squeezed causing me a wound tearing my skin that covered this spot, but it has healed me and now I like the photos I enclose in this message . I think I’m paranoid and I see things that are not there, because they do not know if this little stain there always have and I’ve realized now or who has appeared to me recently.I went to the family doctor to inspect me and told me it was normal not to worry, but I would like to know the opinion of a urologist, and so I write.Sex I’ve had all been with condoms unless I performed oral sex that I have not used.Could the human papillomavirus?Answer me as soon as possible please

Hello Doctor,  I found this...-1