Hello Doctor, I have been experiencing irregular lower back pain.

Patient: Hello Doctor, I have been experiencing irregular lower back pain as well as infrequent abdominal and flank pain. Today I had an upper abdominal ultrasound. The sonographer said that there were a couple of small areas of concern but said that I will need to discuss with doctor. I’m anxious about this, what could the issue be? I’m 28 male and in good general health. Many thanks.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for writing in to us.I have read through your query in detail.Please find my observations below.1 . Abdominal and flank pain can happen due to kidney and ureteric stones. This causes urinary obstruction and pain and might be one possibility.2. The other cause of such pain can be an inflammed appendix. This pain is in right lower abdomen.3. Other causes can be small kymph nodes in the lower abdomen which can cause pains. There might be other less common causes and please let us know any discussion that you had when getting the ultrasound scan done.Hope your query is answered.Please do write back if you have any doubts.Regards,

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Patient: Thank you, the songrapher seemed to be focused on my right upper abdomen, near my liver and gail bladder. Are there any common problems for a young person in this part of the body? Regards.

Doctor: Hi,
Thanks for writing back with an update.
In your case I will suspect a right kidney, gall bladder or liver condition. A right stone is the commonest for flank pain.
Hope your query is answered.
Please do write back if you have any doubts.