Hello Doctor I have done Semen Analysis. Here is the report.

Patient: Hello DoctorI have done Semen Analysis and my report as follows:Liquification time : More than one hourColour: Opaque greyReaction&pH : Alkaline (pH: 8.0)Volume : 3.5Viscosity: NormalTotal Sperm count : 94.8 million/mlMotility (PR) : 70%Motility (NP) : 10%Immobile : 20%Head morphology :Normal head : 80%Pin head : 5%Amorphous head : 5%Head defects : 10%Tail morphology :Normal tail : 75%Short tail : 10%Tail defects : 15%Neck morphology :Normal neck : 90%Swollen neck : 10%Pus cells : 15-20RBC : NilMacrophages : 1-2Epithelial cells : 1-2Crystals : NilMarried for 6 months and not able to conceive my wife

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,Your overall sperm analysis report is normal except the liquefaction time which should be less than 5 min. So in your case a sperm wash and then intrauterine insemination with the sample can help you make her conceive.Please discuss the option with your physician and take an informed decision,Regards