Hello Doctor I just wonder to know about what

Patient: Hello Doctor … I just wonder to know about what I’ve been through .. I’ve been on fever for more then 3 weeks. First time i went to the doctor, the doctor didn’t give me anything just told me to rest and grab some common medicine like panadol etc. after 5 days i came back to another Doctor cause I couldn’t handle with my sore throat and the fever. And the Doctor gave me Amoxicillin. It’s finished my fever still and after that i have boild under my armpit on the left side. I came back to the doctor and gave me a strong antibiotics. I took it 2 days the boil become smaller .. But today all my body like have a rash red .. Not itchy just hall body red … My body not fever anymore but still not feeling well and bit of headache. What’s wrong with me Doctor ?

Symptoms: Fever, sore throat , boil under armpits now rash red around my body

Doctor: Thank you for choosing Ask The Doctor.I think that you have either a viral infection or a bacterial infection. In bo th cases, it is possible to get infected and the lesions spread toxins throughout the body with causes rash. In some people, these toxins are more common under the armpits and hence you should get rid of the fever as soon as you. If you are having a high fever, it is likely that you have a bacterial infection. A low fever indicates a viral infection. If the fever is gone now, then the rash will go away soon. If it doesn’t reduce after 3 days, please see a Doctor. All the best.Hope this helps you.