Hello doctor, I m 23 yr girl suffering from anemia.

Patient: Helo doctor. I m 23 yr girl ,ht 5’5″ n wt. 55. I was very thin so i started taking perfect capsuls. Intially it give me a good health but i m not taking it now so i get thin again n i m suffring from anemia 1st stage . I also feel very weak these days. Plz suggest me somthing which make me fit n gain my weight .

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”You can go for a supplement like Iron, Vitamin B complex, Fo , Folic acid, Zinc, Vitamin D, A, E, CalciumYou can continue to take powders like Perfect.The best way to put on healthy weight is by following a healthy diet with balanced carbohydrate and protein contents.I suggest before you start any supplement, you meet a Nutritionist directly and discuss your daily diet. The Nutritionist can also give you some counselling on how further weight gain can be achieved.Hope this was helpful.