Hello, doctor, I was recently informed by my monogamous boyf

Patient: Hello, doctor, I was recently informed by my monogamous boyfriend that he might have an STD. Before we had any sexual contact, we both got tested for STDs to make sure we were both healthy to have sexual contact. Fortunately, we both came out negative for any STDs. To add on, along with my STD examination, I was given a pelvic exam bcs I’ve had a history of pelvic pain. As a result of my pelvic exam, my doctor told me I was fine & had a healthy uterus, cervix, & vaginal wound in general. This exam was last year, sometime in October. However, recently, both him & I have been experiencing STD-like symptoms. For instance, he experiences a burning sensation while urinating, while I experience an increase in discharge that is white in color & pelvic pain from time to time. My questions are, however, if it is possible to contract an STD if both sexual partners are monogamous & STD free as well as if is possible to contract an STD by sharing a razor with a possibly infected person? I used my brother’s razor to shave my bikini area a few times before my symptoms became very apparent.

Symptoms: Increased discharge that is white in color, pelvic pain that come & goes, persistant headaches

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Yes, it is possible to have an STD especially when you are in the window period. This is when the tests are negative for the STD. This is what you need to do.See a Doctor and get tested for all the STDs frequently. Also, I believe that you have candidiasis which occurs due to bad hygiene.Don’t worry and get tested. All the best.

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Patient: No problem and thank you for answering my question. I have an early appointment tomorrow to get tested for STDs. I hope it is nothing too serious. Thank you so much for your help. I highly appreciate your response.