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Hello Doctor I’m 32 years old male I have been living

Patient: Hello DoctorI’m 32 years old male. I have been living in hell for the past 3 weeks. I’m scared to death and my life has changed dramatically in the past 3 weeks. I can not sleep and I can not perform my daily routine. I’m so depressed and I’m crying all day all night long.I think I have contracted the HIV virus.I went to a massage parlour in China 3 weeks ago. I got totally naked and the woman got totally naked. She started rubbing her body all over my body. She was sliding on my back and I felt her vigana rubbing my back and my buttock. After that she gave me an oral sex for 3 minutes. I didn’t ejaculate in her mouth. I didn’t have any penetration with her. I just had the unprotected oral sex. She performed on me and I never performed and oral sex with her.We kissed deeply without tongue few times and I fingered her vagina.5 days ago, I got a very bad sore throat. Yesterday, I got a rash on my chest. The rash is not itchy.Those are the symptoms of the acute HIV phase.Do you think that I contracted HIV? Does the attached image of my rash look like the typical HIV rash?Please help me in identifying this nightmare.



Symptoms: Coughing, sore throat, chest skin rash



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Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history about the sexual encounter without actual intra-vaginal sex, only body-to-body pla y and 3 minutes of oral sex and deep kissing but without tongue-in-mouth and you fingered her vagina etc. Now that you have developed rash over the chest, have sore throat and coughing within the last 5 days.This is called HIV-Phobia.Let us be rational for the time being:Whereupon was your skin/mucosal lining broken during all sort of the acts you both performed?(Like your fingers, back, oral mucosa, lips, penis wherever you had contact with the girl)If there was no breach in the lining of the skin or mucosa in your and her case, HIV can not be transmitted.Secondly, most of the professional girls get their STD and HIV status if you visit such area known for this (like massage parlors in many parts of the world)Thirdly, the problem of the sore-throat, coughing can be simply a flu which your family members or colleagues also might have been suffering, just check.And the rash to me looks like folliculitits, and it looks you had shaved the area.So just think over all the points.Tell me a single factor, which is positive for getting HIV.The thought of having HIV is more killing than the real HIV, as many of the patients do not develop the symptomatic form of HIV called AIDS.So first of all stop worrying.Get to your Doctor, tell him everything so that he will order all the necessary blood tests and will also know whether you are suffering from flu or bacterial pharyngitis or HIV and will prescribe accordingly.You can certainly go for the blood tests for detecting HIV antigens and antibodies to make sure everything is fine.And I am sure you would have AIDS counselling center in the city you are residing as they are most well equipped for this purpose and have staff well trained to counsel you.Hope for the best and stop worrying till you get the blood reports.To err is human, do not repeat mistakes.Use protection and do not involve into risky behavior.I hope this answer helps you.

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Patient: Thank you for your answer doctor.
I don’t remember any skin breaking or at least I have not noticed any.
I shaved just now to send you the picture as it will not look clear with the chest hair so I had the rash before I shaved. Does HIV rash look like this?
I’m so scared to get tested, I feel that I deserve to die. I rather die than getting my positive results

Doctor: Dear friend, I have tried to tell all the possibility that you may not have HIV at all if there was no breakage in any of the surfaces you had contact.
Even most important thing is you can get HIV only if that girl has it. If she does not have it, you will never get it. This is as simple as that.
If it is possible you can check with the parlor whether the girls are certified or not and if they are, your tensions are reduced further. You can ask the girl directly, you may try if this is possible.
Thirdly, if this is already three weeks, the tests will tell you the results and you will get completely relaxed once declared negative.
Believe me the hearsay about HIV is far more than thought of and not that common as it was in the past.
So do not worry, get tested and relax.
Get the things / tests immediately and let me know the reports.

Patient: Doctor
Thank you so much for your help. I am sorry for this paranoid and stupid quistion. What if the girl had mixed infected blood with the oil , would I be at risk of getting the virus?
You also said in your first response that the rash looks like an effect from shaving, I actually shaved after I noticed the rash to tame the picture. Does the HIV rash look like this?
I highly appreciate your help Doctor

Doctor: I can understand the stress and anxiety you are gin through. It would have been the best solution to get the blood tests and then let us interact. When a sure-shot diagnosis can be done, why to beat around the bush. Please get the tests done

Patient: Hello Doctor
I would like to tell you that I went to the clinic and I did the rapid HIV test and it came out negative. However, I had my encounter exactly 18 days ago. I know that HIV takes 6 months to appear on the body. When do I need to redo the test? Does the rapid HIV test give false negative results?
Thank you

Doctor: This is a good news for the moment, the rapid test can take 15 days to become positive, But may take 2 months in some persons and very occasionally more than that.
Hence you may repeat the test after 2 months and 6 months after interaction. All tests have false positive and false negative results. Do not worry about it as this is rare and if positive it is always confirmed with western blot method..
If you are still worried go for RNA antigen test. It is positive within 1 to 3 weeks of exposure. Do this after 3 days, if negative relax and enjoy normal life.

Patient: Than you for your answer doctor.
Does what you mean by “the rapid test can take 15 days to become positive, But may take 2 months in some persons and very occasionally more than that” is that the test may show negative now and it will change the status to positive after 15 days or more. The nurse gave me the results in less than 5 minutes.

Doctor: Please get the RNA test done after 3 days and be stress free


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