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Hello doctor I’m living in a very seasonal allergic pollution city.

Patient: Hello doctorI’m living in a very seasonal allergic pollotion city. Last month, I started getting there infections , viruses and allergies. I have gone to the hospital about 7 times in a month and a half . Symptoms like ( stuffy nose , headache, chest congestion and discomfort, some swelling throat, red ears , puffy face and numbness , tired and things like these. I did chest x-ray 3 times and blood tests two times and the CT scanner one time. All the heart and lungs diagnosis were normal and OK. The situation were diagnosed almost the same , like allergies and viruses and infections. Today I had an appointment with a clinic doctor and he diagnosed it ad bectiria and sinusitis infection or allergies. I’m really concerned about any heart problems I feel fatigued and some pain or tension in my shoulder and jaw numbness or heaviness , actually it’s not that hard pain , just like muscles are burning or like neck tension. In my uperr side of my body like joints and bones irritation feel hot a little bit it not that hard pain. All the doctors said heart and lungs are normal. However, I’m kind of a guy who gets worried about any thing in my body and this makes my mind busy. I feel like my muscle are beating or moving a little bit. I want make sure the muscles and bones irritation are normal and a reaction of the allergies and the things and I’m having not any heart problems ?Things might help you.I’m 26 years old.Had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 16. You know like joints and bones pain. Especially, when I sleep a lot.These days having some heartburn or acid reflux due to eating some spicy food.Thanks.



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing in to us.Moving to a new location or neighbourhood can trigger a chain of allergies and prob ably you have this condition.There is inflammation of the upper airways and the allergy has caused mucosal inflammation which is the reason behind your sinusitis. The sinuses are air passages around the nose meant to condition the air entering when you breathe. They have cells in their walls which can get inflamed due to allergies and when that happens, it can make you feel uncomfortable. The jaw numbness and fatigue can be a part of this problem.Though there is little chance of such an infection entering the heart, in few cases it can cause lung infections.If the shoulder pain is continuing for weeks or months then it is recommended to consult the orthopedician since you have a history of rheumatoid arthritis in childhood.If eating spicy and hot foods adds on to your discomfort and you can avoid taking spicy food for about 2 weeks or till you start feeling better on medications.You can do warm water gargle twice daily to flush out any bacteria in the throat.Hope your query is answered.Please do write back if you have any doubts.Regards,



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Patient: Thank you doctor,
I don’t feel really hard pain in the shoulder it is just like irritation or discomfort or tension. It came for like 2 or 3 minutes then it’s gone and I feel normal. The doctor today checked heart and lungs and said it’s normal.

Doctor: Hi,
Thanks for writing back with an update.
Happy to know your heart and lungs are clear.
I guess your health will improve significantly once the sinusitis is treated completely.
Regarding the anxiety part, you can try ways to decrease stress levels around you.
If it is for few minutes then likely due to stress and anxiety.
Take care.
Please do write back if you have any doubts.

Patient: Yes I guess your write. Doctors checked my lungs and heart in the 7 times I went to hospital and all of them said there all just normal. But I keep reading about these things like heart and lungs things , ones I read about them I feel bad symptoms and bad negative mental thoughts. Once I try to remember doctors diagnosis when they said physically normal, all these symptoms go away and I feel normal and all these muscle and bones irritation go away in at least 8 or 10 minutesm. Thanks doctor. Happy to hear that from you.

Doctor: Wishing you good health


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