Hello doctor sir my penis is not getting hard

Patient: Hello doctor.sir my penis is not getting hard while I have sex with my wife. And my penis is of 5inch . I want to make it longer and harder. How can I..? Please help me sir..

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your query.First of all, remember one thing, sexual satisfaction is dependent upon the involvement of both the partners, in your case yourself and your wife. You have to discuss every aspect of it with your wife to know your positives and negatives. If you do not discuss how can you get to know?Secondly, 5 inches is a sufficient and absolutely within normal range and if you know this is the size that means there is a proper erection.On Erection the penis does not become hard, it becomes ”firm”. Please try and understand this.So to get the things straight, let us sort out things one by one.The commonest cause of not getting sufficient erection is mostly psychological. Have a good foreplay, do not rush through to have sex, have a good time together even after sex.This will help you to get rid of the psychological barriers and may attain what you want.It is always wise to get an opinion of a Urologist if required.I hope this answer helps you.