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Hello Doctors, I have to ask an Unusual Question I am

Patient: Hello Doctors, I have to ask an Unusual Question.I am going to marry a girl who is not a virgin, she had sex with her last boyfriend in year 2010 and they had sex for 6-7 times. As per her the following :-1) It was always protected sex and his boy friend never entered her without condom2) Never did there was any drop of sperm leaked inside her.3) No I-Pills ever consumed.4)No abortions ever doneShe was never pregnant. Now my question is :-1) Can my baby be have features / habits like her ex boyfriend ? I mean is there any possibility of my baby resembling him ?2) Will my babies DNA match mine and at what stage can I have the DNA test done to ensure.3) Is there any test which I can get done right now to ensure I will not have any problem after marriage in term of my baby looking like her ex boyfriend ( in features or habits )I will be highly obliged if you can help meThanks , awaiting in anticipation.



Symptoms: Marrying a Non Virgin Girl – need to ensure future baby’s are like me .



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If your girl friend is sure that she is not pregnant now, there is no possibility that the baby that will be born to you will have the characteristics of her ex-boyfriend. If there has been no penetration without a condom, there is no question of pregnancy. It does not matter whether she is a virgin or not.Coming to your next question.Your baby’s DNA will surely match only yours if you have had unprotected sex with her and she gets pregnant. The test is called DNA karyotyping which is done only after the lady gets pregnant around 6 weeks of pregnancy. It cannot be done before pregnancy.The answer for your last question is no,if you are very sure that you are the father for the baby, the baby’s gene will not resemble her ex-boyfriend in any way and the child will not have any of his characteristics in appearance or behaviour.Hope this helped.Kindly feel free to write back for further clarifications.Regards

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Patient: ( I am eligible for two follow ups – instant reply )
Hello Thanks for your reply ,
However I wish to know further on this:-
1) How do I ensure that she has never done any abortion – any test for the same.
2) How do I ensure that her ex boyfriends sperm did not drop into her while have sex/ maybe any drop had dropped inside her. Any test to check the same.
3) Will DNA test give me a confirmed report about the baby being mine ? Can DNA have mothers genes as well , so there maybe a chance that I don’t come to know if the baby is mine or not , or DNA will be of both parents.
4) Lastly , i wish to know the process of Hymnoplasty to restore hymen and make her virgin artificially. Is the process Safe / any consequences later on on Life / while have sex or on the baby.

Patient: Hello doctors , awaiting response to a follow up question. Please help

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the query.
Here are the answers for your query.
1.There is no specific test that would determine whether she has undergone an abortion or not. Abortions can be done at any week of pregnancy, even as early as 4 to 5 weeks which cannot be detected later on as everything gets back to normal physiology most of the types.
2. You could have ensured that the ex boyfriend’s semen did not drop into her by doong a test for detection of semen immediately after intercourse or within 3 days of the same. However,this test is only done by forensic experts and not in day to day life or normal laboratories.
3.Yes, a DNA karyotyping can give results of paternity. The baby will maternal chromosomes as well but paternal chromosomes.can be seperately made out.
4. There is nothing like hymenoplasty which can be done in isolation. A vaginoplasty os generally done to make the orifice of vagina smaller especially in women who have had multiple deliveries or in perimenopausal age due to laxity of tissues for a better sexual life.
Hope this helped.


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