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Hello Dr, I had protected sex with a massage parlor

Patient: Hello Dr, I had protected sex with a massage parlor lady this past Saturday evening ie Sunday morning. As mentioned a condom was used throughout however on Monday I felt a slight cooling sensation on my penis. Fast forward to Wednesday and it was stinging/burning but no signs of anything at all in the penis area. Please note I have no issues peeing since that doesnt hurt. I do know I need to get tested for STDS but I thought symptoms would not show up so quickly. Also, is the test going to be accurate being that there are some symptoms ?



Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.Since you have used a condom there is very little chance of getting an std. There could be chances if you have involved in kissing or there as very close contact of genitals and skin. Some std like herpes can spread through famines and just physical contact and not necessarily intercourse.However, as you rightly said, the symptoms that you have are very early to have developed if it were to be due to sexually transmission. The symptoms could just be psychological or somatic or perhaps a mild allergy to the condom used or a stress related reaction.It could be anything. However if you are regular at visiting massage parlors we recommend you to get yourself screened for Stds. This must be done once in sex months or atleast annually.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: Thanks doctor. This was my first time with Intercourse so combined with my anxiety problems it’s all I think about. With that said, the burning was pretty uncomfortable last night but went away when I fell asleep. Today it feels ok but if it comes back, is there anything over the counter I can put on it until I visit the doctor? This is assuming it continues of course. Thanks.

Patient: Can you respond to my last question ? Thank you very much.

Doctor: Hello
Drink plenty of water and juices. It will reduce the burning. There is no topical agent that is advisable. Avoid nylon undergarments nd clothing. Use cotton pants and loose fitting ones.


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