Hello, for about 5 weeks now I’ve been

Patient: Hello, for about 5 weeks now I’ve been suffering with a really annoying eye problem ill explain in detail so about 5 weeks ago I woke up after a long tiring day the day before and felt very spaced out eyesight wise hard to look around without it being uncomfortable, I try looking at things and it feels like my eyes are going to go blurry but they haven’t fully gone blurry I’ve had horrible headaches which in the past week have settled down but I’ve been to 3 different doctors and all different things first doctor said it was my anxiety I’ve been a sufferer for a few years now it didn’t clear up and one night I had such a bad head I had to go a and e as I was feeling dizzy wiry it dramatically and sick so I went back to my gp and they said it was vertigo so I’ve been on tablets called bethisine since and where as my dizzy Ness has gone for now my eye sight is still terrible I had a eye test a week ago and he said I don’t need to change my current glasses and my eyes are perfect as such ! Im struggling with this to the point I nearly left my job as I’m struggling to see and focus at work I’ve had a great recent week physically and had a lovely week with my partner and I wanted to rule anxiety out and I’ve been so happy decently because I said to myself it’s my anxiety just forget it but even though I’ve forgotten it its there still !! Which makes me think it’s something else I couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment with my usual doctor till 7th May and nearly 6 weeks have past where this thing is beating me I had a blood test last week and from what I can see the results are fine ! Which isn’t what I was hoping I was hoping a infection or something which I could take something to clear this is ruining my life now when I have a good life for my age I’m 24 by the way and just don’t know what to do ! I’ve been happy past couple of weeks but before that it was so bad I was so depressed and upset breaking down etc I don’t know what to do, wearing my glasses softens the blow so to speak but I never used to always have to wear them I find when speaking to people I feel unbalanced and like I could fall over and generally I just don’t feel all there because of it please help I’m running out of solutions thank you.