Hello, good day! I have a question regarding pregnancy A

Patient: Hello, good day!I have a question regarding pregnancy.A girl performed oral sex on me. I ejaculated nowhere near her vaginal area. The ejaculation was over my skin and hers. By mistake I passed the napkin I used to clean the semen off, over her vaginal area (lips, vulva). This was a few secods after I ejaculated, so the semen was still wet. Is there a possibility of pregnancy?

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.There is no chance of pregnancy in your case. Normally pregnancy happens only if there is direct contact of penis with vagina followed by an ejaculation provided the woman is in her fertile days of cycle.With a napkin contact of ejaculate there is no chance of pregnancy.Hope this helpsRegards

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Patient: What if she would stick a finger with semen or the napkin with semen? What about then?

Doctor: Even then there is no chance of pregnancy

Patient: So strictly there has to be an ejaculation. May I add that she said she was in the contraceptive injection, given both scenarios, there is no chance of pregnancy, is this correct?

Doctor: Yes. I’m both scenarios there is no chance of pregnancy