October 16, 2018

Hello I am 16 years old and can my GF be pregnant?

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Patient: Hello I am 16 years old and my girlfriend is 14 last night we decided to do something that we never thought we would do before. We had sex twice. I wore a condom both times so we were protected. The first time we had sex I ejaculated in the condom but I pulled out so I did not ejaculate in her. I checked the condom for leaks or holes after and we were all good there were no leaks or holes. After we had sex the first time she wanted me to finger her. To be safe I washed my hands three times to be safe and then I began to finger her. Later on we decided to have sex again. This time I was wearing a condom again but when I took the condom out I began to unravel it a little before putting it on. I got it on and fixed the problem so the condom was on correctly. We began to have sex and then decided to stop. I did not ejaculate at all and the condom did not have leaks or holes after checking. I am a big worrier and after we had sex I was scared to get her pregnant. She is not worried at all because we did everything right. I asked her if she would take a morning after pill and she said she wouldn’t because she’s not worried about being pregnant. Her period isn’t suppose to come until the end of the month and I am too scared to wait that long. We made a mistake and I will not be having anything sexual with her for a long time. Do you think she’s pregnant im just scared but she’s not

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing to us.I can understand your concern.The chances of pregnancy are very less in your case, as you had protected sex.Condom is 99% effective if used in a proper manner.So do not take any stress and wait for her menses.If she missed her period by 7 days then go for a home urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.Hope it was useful.Regards

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