Hello I am 18y old male Recently i took modafinil 100mg

Patient: HelloI am 18y old maleRecently i took modafinil 100mg on suggestion of my friend. And i start suffering some health problems. Like throat pain, hypertension 160/100. Shortness of breath. Blood in stools. Also feeling of jerks in heart sometimes painful. Sometimes frequent urination at night.So cusluted a cardiologist.He refred me to psychatrist along with two tests. ECG and 2D Echo. In which 2D echo was normal. But ecg was having some issues.But he didnt proscribed any medicine.When i visited psychologist he gave me a proscription and told me that i ll b fine after 10 days.He gave 1. 40 mg propanol sustained release to take in morning.Tynept 12.5mg to take twice a dayBut i am didnot get relief i m still feeling hypertension.Do i have kidney problem?Help!!What sholud i doI want a normal life.

Doctor: HelloThanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.The symptoms you are having may not be due to modafi nil. It appears that you are probably having an anxiety disorder and Tynept was prescribed to you for the same. It occurs due to the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain like Serotonin, Norepinephrine, and Dopamine. This condition can be corrected with the help of medicines such as Paroxetine, Mirtazapine or Venlafaxine. These medicines start showing improvement in 2-3 weeks and the illness requires a treatment of 6-8 months. During this period, try to do regular exercise and eat healthy food and try inculcating some hobby. If you averse to medicines, then cognitive behavioural therapy can help you in the treatment of this anxiety disorder. This is a specialized counselling technique mastered by clinical psychologists and is almost as effective as medicine.You may meet your Doctor and get these medicines prescribed, or you can request for a Psychologist consult.Hope this helps.Wish you a good health.