Hello I am 32 year old male I have been

Patient: Hello I am 32 year old male I have been smoking for about 17 years. I have recently been having alot of anxiety about something being wrong with me. I have had a soar throat only when swallowing liquid for about 2 weeks now and keep clearing throat and some throat tightness. Test that I had 3 months ago upper GI, chest x ray, Mri of neck and head,full cbc, hiv test, urine test, all negative accept for Gerd which I take medicine for now also i am on cpap machine for sleep apnea should I ask for chest mri or do you think something else could be causing this I also have large tonsils

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.To recapitulate: Male / 32 – smoking 17 years – recent anxiety – soar throat only when sw allowing liquid for about 2 weeks – keep clearing throat and tightness – all tests 3 months ago are negative – ”GERD”- CPAP .My thoughts:Anxiety is the mother of mast of the evils, particularly the GERD, If you keep the anxiety levels down to almost normal, it is possible that most of the problems will be solved automatically. All the tests about 3 months ago are normal so stop worrying.You can certainly ask for the MRI of the Naso-Pharynx and other sleep apnoea studies. Sleep apnea can also increase the anxiety levels.Sp just stop worrying, concentrate on work and relaxation too.I hope this answer helps you.

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Patient: I have a white coating on my tongue brushes off for the most part but comes back everyday want send pic but don’t know how