Hello I am 41 and had severe edometriosis

Patient: Hello I am 41 and had severe edometriosis when I was 30. Since then I have had about 9 laporoscopies for adhesions. Unfortunately I have exhausted the pain clinics treatments. but now find myself stuck in a position where no one wants to help. I am in so much pain and even tramodol pregablin and paracetomol and slow release pain relief are not helping. I keep being told the pain is constipation but i feel the bowel is being twisted. I have had no scans and just feel I am in no mans land can i ask for an mri scan? Thank you claire

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read your history and understood the plight you must be going th rough after reading about endometriosis, the pain related to it, the number of surgeries you have gone through in 11 years, the number and the quantity of medicines you are taking and the opinions you must have taken.I would suggest you the following:- Enteroclysis study under fluoroscopic control to see how the bowels are actually behaving.(MRI is not a good investigations for abdomen – CT scan is)- Try to find the alternative therapy like acupressure and acupuncture to reduce the pain and the dosages of the medicines you have.- Talk to the Gynecologist about hte possibility of removal of the Endometriosis.- Continue laxatives.I hope this answer helps you.