Hello I am 58 years old male and have been diagnosed

Patient: HelloI am 58 years old male and have been diagnosed with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and moderate type 2 Diabetes ( HbA1C- 7%).I started with rimapril, then my Doctor added metformin and in the last 4 days I started with Atorvastatin. ( 20 mgs)In the last 48h I developed a fever with abdominal pain and moderate muscle pain as well as bilirubinuria ( I am a vet and tested my own urine) . I am keen to know if I should stop the statin or just bear with it.. is the bilirubinuria significant? ( there was a slight proteinuria and slight ketones as well, but no hematuria, and USG is normal ).

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.In this case, there are two possibilities:1. Statins induced liver dysfunction, m yalgia’s2. Diabetic ketoacidosis.So, you should get your blood sugar checked, if it’s high, you need emergency treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis. Statins have to be avoided in people having liver dysfunction. You would require to stop Statins at present. You should abstain from alcohol and keep a watch on your liver functions, if there is any rise in liver functions more than three times the upper normal limit, then you would require to stop Statins else you can carry on with it. Also start exercising regularly , so that your cholesterol remains into limits even after your Statins are stoppedI hope it helps.Stay Healthy