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Patient: Hello, I am a 19 year old female in college and ever since the summer of 2014 i’ve suffered anxiety and had a mild panic attack that I learned on how to control. I suffer left breast pain almost every single day I visted doctors and had ultrasounds done and I am healthy as can be. Since I am in college I do go out and drink and when I drink I get chest pains instantly. I use to always have a drink or two or even way more and I would be fine what is problem here? I also only have anxiety symptoms not the thoughts and depression anymore.

Symptoms: Left breast sharp pain, tightness, left shoulder pain.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Your symptoms are psychological in nature rather than a physical or organ dysfunction .You will need behaviour therapy and counselling sessions to tackle the symptoms of panic attack. Kindly avoid stress and things that can worry you. Practice yoga and meditation. Music can help calm the mind.Consult a psychiatrist for an examination and counselling. In case these measures fail, you will need medications.Hope this helped.Regards

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