Hello, I am a 28 year old pretty healthy (minus a

Patient: Hello,I am a 28 year old pretty healthy (minus a few extra pounds) female. Within the last few months I’ve noticed I have a small yet apparent “wheeze” at the end of most of my exhales. I have never had any breathing/lung issues and still feel fine/like I have no problems even with the wheeze. But it just is concerning that I all of a sudden have it. Is it nothing to worry about aslong as I feel okay/like I’m breathing okay? Should I be going on an inhaler to get rid of it even though I feel my breathing isn’t altered by it?Just for extra input, Im a former smoker for about 4 years (but haven’t had in one over 8) – my o2 level is usually perfect, 98/99%, and at a recent hospital visit the doctor did discover a verrrrry tiny nodule on my lung, which I will be double checking on again in a few months to be assured it’s nothing or gone. -I’m sure that probably has no correlation to the wheeze (hopefully) but just providing all pertinent information that could be needed to make a hypothesized potential diagnosis.Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

Symptoms: Just a wheeze.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are many causes for a wheeze. They include allergic wheeze, wheeze triggered due to exercise or heavy food or an emotional change and wheeze following a pulmonary obstructive airway disease. It could be any of the cause in you. Since you have a history of smoking, it could be attributed to that.Inhalers are of 2 types. One, that give relief from symptoms and the other which suppress the chance of an attack.They are used only of there is a bothersome wheeze affecting your regular activities.Since the wheeze is short lived and there is non-impact on you, there is no need to start inhalers. Avoiding the trigger factors and quitting smoking will help. An x-ray and CT scan to localise the nodule may be needed.There is nothing much to worry about regarding your condition.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further assistance.Regards

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Patient: Here’s the thing;….I’m not having an allergic reaction to anything causing the wheeze, I’m not sick, don’t have COPD/any lung issues, haven’t picked up a cigarette for 8 years, aren’t exercising when the wheeze occurs, etc.
Due to a different issue/hospital stay I have had a recent chest X ray, Ct scan with contrast, etc, AND saw a pulmonologist who gave me a breathing test/listened to my lungs, all of which came back fine. (Again, except the very tiny potential nodule issue but that’s getting re-assessed in December). Overall, the point I’m trying to make (and to get a little peace of mind as I tend to be a hypochondriac when it comes to my health and breathing) is can someone (aka me) feasibly Have a wheeze without it meaning something “wrong” or bad is going on,? Because like I said I feel fine, and am breathing fine, it’s just the sound of it makes me wonder where this all of a sudden is coming from! It doesn’t happen on every exhale, but most. But as I said it’s pretty minor/small…

Doctor: Unexplained wheeze can occur. Since all the reports are fine, you need not have to worry.