Hello I am a 30 year old woman I took

Patient: Hello. I am a 30 year old woman. I took Primolut N earlier this month to delay my period. I got my period the day after I stopped taking it. This was on 13th April. I was intimate with my husband on 19th and took an I pill on 20th. I find myself bleeding today. I am usually very regular in my cycles. Is this an early period?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query. I understand your concern.Emergency contraceptive pill can induce bleeding after one we ek to ten days of intake due to withdrawal effect of hormone.So, the first bleeding you got on 13th was your delayed period due to using Primolut N, whereas bleeding started today could be withdrawal bleeding due to emergency contraceptive pill.Usually this bleeding also continues as normal menstrual flow.And you may not need to interfere with it.Now you have to consider your last menstrual period as today and can expect next period after one month.Hope I have answered your question.Take care.