Hello I am a 30yr old mother of 4 I

Patient: Hello. I am a 30yr old mother of 4. I am very health conscious and I have breastfed all my babies. I am currently nursing my youngest (4months.) I recently discovered I have excess lipase in my milk. I hqve never had this problem before. I was reading up on lipase and read it is an enzyme that helps breaks down fats and fat soluble vitamins such as A and D.About a month ago i began taking Vitamin D3 supplement by mouth. 5000 iU. My milk did not have lipase until after I began this supplementation. My milk prior had not smelt or tasted soapy.So my question is, could my body increased its lipase levels in my milk to help break down the extra Vitamin D my body is getting? And this is why I am experiencing this?