Hello, i am curious as to why I haven’t been

Patient: Hello, i am curious as to why I haven’t been able to release my bowels in a couple of days. I have used laxitives which had worked but my stomach is bloated and I haven’t used the bathroom yet. I’ve been drinking just a couple days before I thought I was constipated. }

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.This says that you are unable to pass bowel movement for the last couple of days.The lax atives worked bu the stomach is bloated. There is history of drinking too.The reasons can be:The drinking might have reduced your food / fiber intake.The laxatives were sufficient enough to expel the part of it and the part which remains in the colon got obstruction even to gases causing bloating.I would advise you the following:Visit a Doctor or ER; get an X-ray of the abdomen in standing position to see if there are obstructed bowel loops . fecoliths in large bowel and so on.If required Soap-water enema can release he bowel and you may be asymptomatic..If suspected for malignancy or so, further tests of blood, urine and stool as well as Colonoscopy and barium studies may be indicated. The findings will decide the further plan of treatment.