Hello, I am currently a 19 year old female and have

Patient: Hello,I am currently a 19 year old female and have been recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. I believe it is related to my dramatic weight loss in the past 5 months due to uni stress and selective eating (not anorexia but similar traits). My periods have also therefore stopped and the specialist (for periods not osteoporosis) prescribed me contraceptives for this. My question is,1. I don’t know what foods to eat to gain weight but also not make my osteoporosis worse i.e. I know I shouldn’t consume red meat and processed sugars and only eat fruits, vegetables and lean proteins for osteoporosis but would this help in my weight gain? My priority is gaining weight but I want to do so properly without making conditions worse, so what foods should I eat?2. I don’t know if I should still take the contraceptives to fast track my periods or weight until I’ve gained weight and see if they start again, as I have been feeling nauseated ever since taking the pills.