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Hello I am having chest and ear pain what do I do?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello Doctor, I have been sufffering from a really bad earache and chest pain. It is hard to breathe and it goes to my back at times. I had a weird case of sharp pains from my chest to my left arm. It happened twice when I laid on my back and my throat felt swollen. I woke up with chest pain and shortness of breath. I have no signs of infection and no insurance. I am also really tight on funds so I dont want to waste my money if the doctor will tell me its a virus. Can you please tell me if I can take any over the counter medicine? I already took the z-pack and no relief. Thank you for your time


Your symptoms could be due to viral flu for which no treatment is required. Your symptoms should subside on its own within 7-10 days. You can take advil or motrin for the symptoms of pain. Also steam inhalation or a hot shower will help relieve your symptoms. However, if your symptoms worsen, or you develop a fever or cough, you may need to see your health-care provider for further evaluation and appropriate antibiotics.

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