Hello, I am having issues with my lymph nodes Two

Patient: Hello, I am having issues with my lymph nodes. Two specifically have been enlarged for a month- the first one on the left side of my neck and the other is right where my right cheek meets my ear. I am also having cystic acne on my chin jawline and left side of my neck.

Symptoms: Larger than normal lymph nodes that havent reduced, cystic acne, neck acne, jawline acne

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have an infection of because of the many cysts present in the body. The se are now infected with the bacteria that are present on the skin. These cause the swelling of the lymph nodes as the bacteria begin to move to the lymph nodes throughout the body.You need to take antibiotics to help you remove the infection from the body. Wish you speedy recovery.Hope this helps you.