Hello, I am looking for some help with my shoulder pain

Patient: Hello,I am looking for some help with my shoulder pain.Background,It all started on a day 3 months ago, where I played badminton for about 4 hours in the evening continuously and very next day I went for bowling. I started feeling slight pain on my right shoulder joint but It didn’t stop from from doing workout in gym (I used to workout daily from past 20 months). After 3 weeks pain slowly started aggravating and I went to an orthopedist who asked me to take a MRI. The MRI results were absolutely normal, and I was advised to undergo physiotherapy for 3 weeks.As the pain started aggravating with physio, I met a shoulder surgeon after 3 weeks. He did a physical examination – Jobe Relocation Test, which turned positive. He said its a SLAP lesion that MRI could not detect and recommended arthroscopic surgery.I went to a different doctor for second opinion who initially diagnosed my condition as SLAP tear but asked me get arthogram to confirm it. I went ahead with Arthogram, but the reports didn’t reveal any evidence of tear or any other abnormalities. He said its impingement and asked me to undergo physiotherapy(different physio) for 3 more weeks. now I am completing the physio, but no improvement. I still continue to have the pain even when I am at rest, sleep. Now doctors think its SLAP tear and are asking to undergo arthroscopy to find out/ fix.My condition is worsening by day and I am not being able to manage day to day activities.Now my question is, Should I go for surgery even though MRI/Arthogram are normal? If not why I am getting this shoulder pain? Please advise.

Symptoms: Shoulder pain