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Hello I been having a soar throat only when swallowing

Patient: Hello I been having a soar throat only when swallowing liquid for about 2 weeks now also mucus in bottom throat keep clearing also have sinus mastoidides have had some blood in sinus and when clearing throat in the past. Test that I have done Mri of neck and head,Upper GI, chest x ray, urine test, cbc all about 3 months ago everything came back clear accept I have Gerd which I take medicine for now. I had a strep test done a week ago I am wondering if I should ask for mri of chest since I have smoked for a long time or does this all just sound like anxiety. I also have sleep apnea and use cpap which dry my throat out cause i breath through mouth



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health concern.I can understand your concern here.There are two main ca uses about your problem – one is GERD and another is dry throat due to sleep apnoea.In GERD acid reflux into the oesophagus causes ulcer than scar and narrowing over there, so to relieve your symptoms you should take care of your GERD through medicines.In sleep apnoea dry throat can cause difficulty in swallowing.As your chest X-ray is fine and you are not suffering any other symptoms, you can wait for MRI.Hope it was useful, feel free to take more questions.Regards



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Patient: I understand but the soar throat started 2 weeks ago and I am on gerd medicine for 3 months now also am on cpap machine which dries my mouth wonder if that can cause the soar throat so is a chest x ray good enough to find something wrong and does an upper gi check the hole throat neck and voice box

Doctor: Hello dear,
Nice to hear from you once again.
Sore throat can be due to GERD( although you are on medications).
Upper GI endoscopy is a procedure to view the whole GI tract.
No, X- ray chest is not able to catch all the diseases of respiratory tract, but in my opinion your problem most probably due to dry mouth and GERD.
Only if you are in doubt and you are smoking so long, so better be sure and you can go for CT thorax( there is no harm in it).
Hope it will impart you some help.

Patient: So after having upper gi and chest x ray and cbc done in ypuyour opinion having something like cancer would not be likely correct also would my Mri of my neck detect swollen lymph nodes or stuff like that

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sorry for the delay in my response.
Yes, you are right if your cbc, x- ray chest and endoscopy is normal than chances of cancer is very unlikely in your case.
Yes, MRI neck is able to detect swollen lymph node.
Hope it is clear.
If you want to close the discussion than kindly accept my answer ( if it was useful) before closing it.
Good luck.


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