Hello I donated blood last Monday, and have felt

Patient: Hello. I donated blood last Monday, and have felt absolutely terrible since. I assumed I became anemic, and have been eating foods rich in the components of blood regeneration. However, in addition I also have persistent arm pain. It started as a stabbing at the needle site, but now is a generalized pain my bicep above the site, like a deep muscle pain. I feel like if it were nerve damage I’d have tingling/numbness in my fingers, right?One weird thing that happened at the donation was, when my pint was drawn, a nurse clipped the tube then abandoned me for literally 7 or more minutes with the needle in my vein. Presumably my blood was pumping and potentially clotting in the clamped tube since it had nowhere to go. Could this have theoretically caused a clot in my vein? As I said, I don’t think it’s nerve damage, and I have no visible hematoma either. But there is some deep, throbbing ache in my arm.Thank you for your help.

Symptoms: Pain in arm, chest tightness, light headed, fatigue, brain fog