Hello I feel like I have a urine infection

Patient: Hello. I feel like I have a urine infection I took a urine sample to the doctors but they have sent them for further tests at the hospital but they haven’t subscribed me anything in the mean time .. My viginal bone aches so much and I need a wee all the time and feel like I need to push a lot and have back pain. Please could you give me advise

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read your history and understood your concerns.The Doctors who sent the sample of urine must be thinking to wait till the report is ready so that he can treat you very specifically.Till then you can take Azo or Cranberry juice to get a relief.Take plenty of oral fluids, try to take more fluids at one go to flush the urinary symptoms.Your Doctor surely will add-on the most proper antibiotics and supportive medicines .I hope this answer helps you.