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Hello I got liked in the chest 4days ago (

Patient: Hello I got liked in the chest 4days ago ( accident ) in the middle of the chest next to my left breast actually Right away I felt pain inside but it went away next day it started to hurt a little bit on and off I went to the ER they only did ekg- normal yesterday evening the pain got worse and today it hurts all day long it gets worse if I caugh or take a little deeper breath it started to spread to one point of my upper back left site when taking deeper breath what could it be?



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comIf you had an injury to the chest, they should have taken a chest x-Ray Was it taken?An injury to the ribs has to be ruled out and chest x-Ray is a must.Please revert back whether it was done,Regards.



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Patient: First of all there was a typo in my question … Auto correct.. It supposed to be I got kicked in the chest… Anyway no X- Ray was taken it is just

Doctor: I would advise an immediate x ray to rule out an injury to the ribs.. Sometimes such injuries can cause minor rib fractures that can lead to pneumothorax.. It can typically cause pain while deep inspiration.

Patient: Thank you for the advise I will go back to the doctor tomorrow and ask for anX-Ray cause it worries me that instead of getting better it is getting worse… I did not know rib fracture could clear to pneumothorax …. Is it possible that if there was a rib fracture that it will just heal and not cause any other problems? Although what is strange to me is that almost each time I have to caugh or have to breath a little deeper the pain seems to get only worse:(

Doctor: Yes, minor rib fractures does heal over time on it’s own, but can cause significant pain while inspiration.
Please do get a x ray done and follow up.


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